Dirty Pictures eBook - Leo F. White

Dirty Girl eBook written by Leo F. WhiteReluctant participants in a sexual extortion ring gone wrong.
Forced to defend family before good names are sullied.
Sexual tension gripping a community unaccustomed to it.

It was to be Bobby Farrell’s summer of liberation, a young man’s foray into the sexual bliss he was sure awaited him. Instead, his dream of a carnal awakening carried an immoral dose of reality with it, and those wanton thoughts of naughty nights and bodacious bragging rights of a salacious nature were riddled with disgrace. Where he thought he would find gratification he found shame. Where he thought he would enjoy splendor he experienced pain.

Nicole Passavia is a young woman with a plan for life. Blessed with the alluring beauty of a goddess and the sweet voice of an angel, she is the object of many boys’ affection and desires. But her interest is in only one. Then her sweet and unblemished innocence is disrupted by the cravings of a morally wrong society, and left in its wake is dishonor and humiliation for the families so dear and near to her.

Joey Stafford is the glue that keeps both young and old dreams alive. He is the anchor who is welcome on both sides of a dangerous line. He can charm the innocent while courting the depraved. He is the friend of many and the foe of none. He is a double agent of sexual duplicity, who will keep the naïve safe from the voracious bite of the morally corrupt, while keeping those around him free from the stigma of licentious scandal.


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