Dirty Girl eBook - Leo F. White

Dirty Girl written by Leo F. WhiteA mystery lover who visits while she sleeps.
A possessive husband trying to confront a threat which does not exist.
A burning desire to taste the forbidden.
A chance at betrayal before it’s too late.

Holly Mauer is at a crossroads. The advancing years have brought little to enhance her sedate way of life, but within her a yearning cries out for change. A chance to experience the unholy while she lay sleeping. It is a fantasy ripe with pleasure until the fantasy becomes a reality and her once tranquil life becomes threatened should she dare to partake in the sin.

Justin Mauer is living his dream. But his inability to understand his wife’s needs casts a pall over all that means so much to him. His superficial wants and manly pride cancel out the message she is trying to send. He is a potential victim to a duplicity that threatens to take away his prize in life so he must fight it as only he knows how.

Bryce Pyliotis is a man strong on ideals and asked to lend the hand a struggling couple needs to find their way back. But he is a means to an end for one and an obstacle to the other. He must wrestle with what is right and what is wrong while trying to answer the question buried deep within his heart.

A three way collision wrought with the needs of the flesh. The opportunity to explore an unsacred act while disregarding a solemn vow. One last chance to exhibit carnal misbehavior before biding it farewell. A chance to dance with the devil while he still desires you.

But beware! Sometimes the price of the penance is greater than the sin is worth.


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